I’ve completely forgotten about this side of the internet. I’ve come to realize that I have neglected some of then commitments that I’ve posted here. This is the usual pattern I have in the past regarding my goals:

  1. Gets excited about something
  2. Set Goals
  3. Strive to achieve goals
  4. Stumbles into some challenges
  5. Procrastinate
  6. Procrastinate
  7. Procrastinate
  8. Procrastinate
  9. Forget about it

I think you can see what’s the pattern there. Procrastination is the greatest hurdle stops me from achieving my goals. But that’s not really true. Procrastination is a symptom and not the root cause of my problem. What really stops me from achieving anything is not written above. To be honest, it is fear that is stopping me from making the hard choices that I need to take that could bring me closer to my goals.

The operative word there is could.

While I’m the type of guy who doesn’t gamble, I’m gambling on not finding out what could have happen have I only worked harder to achieve my goal. But you see that is also a problem. Thinking too much about what could have been puts too much emphasis on the goal itself and not on the process of working hard in achieving the goal.

I think too much but doesn’t work as much.

Over analyzing anything won’t bring me closer to any of my goals. Wishful thinking won’t get me anywhere.

In theory, I know all of this. In reality, I’m not making much to make this happen.

The plan for December is to make things happen.

This is something I can do because December is a special month for me. It’s my birth month and it’s the end of the year which signals the coming of a new one. I always believe that December is a gateway going away from the old and moving forward into something new.

To do this I need a solid strategy on how to move forward from this persistent old me to a much better me as I move forward towards the New Year.

I decided to list few goals that I will achieve this year. This time the focus will not be on the goals itself but on the process of achieving those goals. Let me site an example to have a better understanding about this strategy:

Goal: Achieve 100% coaching compliance(work related)

To achieve this here is my action plan:

  1. Audit 3 team members daily
  2. Each team member will get 3 audits daily
  3. Coaching will follow after each 3 audits
  4. Track audit and coaching numbers for each team member
  5. Start date: December 16,2016
  6. End date: January 1, 2017
  7. Send to self, End Of Day accomplishment report
  8. Send to self, End of week report before rest day
  9. Summary: 9 audits per day targeted at 3 team members each day daily

As you can see, the details is not much on the goals itself but more on the action plan. Once the goal is written down all effort will be focused on creating an achievable action plan. The strategy focuses more on doing the items listed in the action plan in hopes that as the effect of adhering to  the plan the set goals will be met.

As a disclaimer, in following this strategy, I not think about achieving the goals set but rather think on sticking to the action plan.

There you have it. Looks like I have some goals to list, plans to make and a lot of working to do. I have high hopes I can have good results for this experiment I’m doing this December making me more excited for the New Year.

See my next post for my writing plan for December.


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