EoD December 13, 2016

Sad day.

No, I’m not talking anything tragic. I am talking about my self and my lack of determination to get things done.

I screw up big time this day. 

I ended up not accomplishing most of the task I planned to do.

I walk up early and fix breakfast for the family. All is good and well as I relax drinking my first coffee for the day. 

Then I got a text from the online shop that my package will be delivered soon. I ordered an Android Tv Box to avoid upgrading to a more expensive Smart Tv. That got me excited and started browsing for things to do to maximize that little device. Few minutes of searching here and there and 30 minutes have gone by without me moving an inch from my seat. Coffee on the mug has been emptied and the family is starting to rise.

I put the phone down and we had our breakfast. My wife got ready for work and my son started on his cartoons. 

Pretty much the usual start of the day. My wife left for work and reminded me to take care of our son. 

So I was left with my three year old. He was busy with playing and watching tv so I slack and got lost on social media, got lost on Facebook. 

And that’s all I did the entire day. 

I didn’t prepare for lunch since there were left over from breakfast. I just Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. 

The Tv Box was delivered after lunch and I tinkered with it. That occupied my afternoon. I planned to play with my kid but forgot about it. I got lost exploring my new toy. Totally unproductive. Not to mention totally not a cool dad.

The evening came and I prepared for dinner. We ate. And my son went to bed early.

I planned to write this EoD report but did not. The reason? I don’t know. It could be that I didn’t have anything good to write. But that’s beside the point. 

This activity of writing things down is not to ensure that I have meaningful things done on that day. It’s main purpose is to know, to be aware of what have I been doing for the entire day. It’s a means to have some perspective of my day to day life so that I may improve it as the day goes.

Looking back, I can admit that the day is not the best and it is not productive. Bit knowing is enough for me to have better plan for the days to come.

I won’t write much since not much really happened. What I will do instead is to be thankful for the day I was given and the knowledge that I can still make it better.

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