EoD December 14, 2016

It’s another day and it’s definitely better than yesterday.

Right after breakfast I bought a new bike. I bought this new bike due to a sad incident which happened last month. My almost a year old bike was stolen. I was careless thinking that no one would take interest to that rusty old bike. 

Boy how wrong was I.

I was supposed to give that bike to my younger brother as a gift for Christmas. Unfortunately it became a gift to someone else. Hopefully it would serve him good this holiday season.

I bought the cheapest bike available for my size and saved a few bucks. I rode it with my son in tow and we got into the city fine. However I decided to ride a taxi since it won’t be safe riding the main traffic with my son. 

It was a fine day when we got home. We had our lunch and I was happy feeding my kid seeing how his appetite is back. 

After we cleaned up we just relaxed planning to have another bike ride in the afternoon. Meanwhile he was back playing with his toys.

It felt good so I decided to write my catch up EoD for yesterday. I felt good having accomplished a planned task regardless if I was late into it. 

It was gloomy and I looked like it’s going to rain so I decided not to push through with biking. Instead I decided to download and watch a movie. The internet was running slow so I got restless not knowing what to do in the meantime. I tried to avoid going on Facebook since I know I might get stuck browsing feeds without really doing anything productive. 

With this I thought hard on what could be the most productive activity Ican do in the meantime. I decided to meditate. I didn’t set up a timer or set up any definitr structure on how I was gonna do the meditation. I just lied down, closed my eyes and started noticing my thoughts.

For me meditation is about being aware. Awareness of one external and internal world is the main definition of meditation for me. So that’s what I did.

Closing my eyes I noticed my other senses. My ears listened to the noise inside my room, inside the house and out on the street. I also noticed my breathing, steady but not deep. I also felt my skin. I feel cold everytime the air from the fan blows to my side. 

I noticed a lot of things outside and much more inside my head. Different thoughts everytime I focus my attention. Some of it are about my day, what happened yesterday and what will happen tonight at work. I let the thoughts run loose. I only shifted my focus once a certain thought started to take over my awareness. I focused on staying aware and let my thoughts stay as what they are, thoughts, my thoughts to be exact. I have power over them. I am in control.

It felt really good. 

Like they say meditation needs practice and I think I will keep doing it. It reminds me that I definitely can change my thoughts which usually are negative to something positive. I can even affect how I feel. I can feel calmer by being aware of my anger or anxiety. I can practice focusing on something for a longer period of time. I can do a lot of things. 

Again it felt good.

I finished my meditation and opened my eyes and saw that the movie is ready and I am more than ready to watch it.

The movie finished and I prepared for dinner. I ate together with my son and was delighted seeing he is eating well. His appetite is back and his colds is almost gone now. 

Overall it was a good day and it felt good. Hope to have better and better days to come.

EoD December 13, 2016

Sad day.

No, I’m not talking anything tragic. I am talking about my self and my lack of determination to get things done.

I screw up big time this day. 

I ended up not accomplishing most of the task I planned to do.

I walk up early and fix breakfast for the family. All is good and well as I relax drinking my first coffee for the day. 

Then I got a text from the online shop that my package will be delivered soon. I ordered an Android Tv Box to avoid upgrading to a more expensive Smart Tv. That got me excited and started browsing for things to do to maximize that little device. Few minutes of searching here and there and 30 minutes have gone by without me moving an inch from my seat. Coffee on the mug has been emptied and the family is starting to rise.

I put the phone down and we had our breakfast. My wife got ready for work and my son started on his cartoons. 

Pretty much the usual start of the day. My wife left for work and reminded me to take care of our son. 

So I was left with my three year old. He was busy with playing and watching tv so I slack and got lost on social media, got lost on Facebook. 

And that’s all I did the entire day. 

I didn’t prepare for lunch since there were left over from breakfast. I just Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. 

The Tv Box was delivered after lunch and I tinkered with it. That occupied my afternoon. I planned to play with my kid but forgot about it. I got lost exploring my new toy. Totally unproductive. Not to mention totally not a cool dad.

The evening came and I prepared for dinner. We ate. And my son went to bed early.

I planned to write this EoD report but did not. The reason? I don’t know. It could be that I didn’t have anything good to write. But that’s beside the point. 

This activity of writing things down is not to ensure that I have meaningful things done on that day. It’s main purpose is to know, to be aware of what have I been doing for the entire day. It’s a means to have some perspective of my day to day life so that I may improve it as the day goes.

Looking back, I can admit that the day is not the best and it is not productive. Bit knowing is enough for me to have better plan for the days to come.

I won’t write much since not much really happened. What I will do instead is to be thankful for the day I was given and the knowledge that I can still make it better.

EoD December 12, 2016

I will start with a disclaimer, this is new stuff to me so forgive me if this won’t look good or structured in any way.

I started the day, meaning work day, sleepily as I only had a little more than two hours of sleep. Add to that the perfect bed weather and you’ll be sure to feel that the bed is trying to pull you back to sleep.

On the positive side, I am still disciplined enough to be at work on time. Though I got out of the house half awake and walking all zombie like, I made it to work on time, like always. This is something I am very proud of my self. Thanks to being the eldest son and mom’s favorite I always get to wake up early and it has become a habit.

I came to work with half eyes open but that did not prevent me from getting swept away by the the mini crisis we have at work. For those who doesn’t know, I currently am working as a Team Manager in one of the biggest BPO company here in the Philippines. Today we receive more calls than what was forecasted. Since midnight(yep I work at night), we were flooded by more calls than what we can handle forcing us to implement a major deviation from our usual process of sales and technical support. For the entire night we implemented sales mode all throughout and transfer all technical troubleshooting to our other site in India.

I guess last night showed how new I am in my role as a manager. The whole nine hour shift I accomplished only one task as I was bouncing here and there trying to “help our people” survive the flood of calls. Looking back I can honestly say that I panicked and instead of being productive by doing my task I ended up slacking as I try to look busy while accomplishing too little productivity.

The usual stuff happened all throughout the shift like answering to urgent emails, talking to bosses, talking to the team, taking supervisor/manager’s call, the usual stuff. However, I missed doing my daily coaching which is a big task that I have to do daily. Guess I have to catch up on coaching on y next shift.

The shift ended and I went out to send money to my brother which he needed for the down payment for a motorcycle. After that I went to the mall to look for some food, initially I looked for a burger but changed my mind and settled for some donuts. I constantly find my self graving for food since I started my facebook diet. Looks like my attention is diverted to food in the absence of social media.

After satisfying my cravings I went home riding a Jeepney and I called home to check with my mom who is in the province. She’s fine and said my brother will visit and spend the Christmas with me.

When I got home I was sleepy from work and feeling tired but still haven’t gotten over the mess of the working day. To relax I  had a bottle of beer, while skyping with my wife. Had a brief talk with my son and went a head to sleep.

I woke up  early afternoon and I had the feeling that I need to recover from my mess and decided I will write about it, that’s when I noticed that I haven’t written anything in few months adding to the feeling of failure I had earlier.

Writing has always been therapeutic for me and that’s exactly what I needed to be up back in working order again. Like I said in the previous posts I will make this a habit and will be writing daily from here onwards.

This is my day one End of Day log, I’m out!


December Posting

As the title indicated, this post is  about my action plan for publishing a post this December.

Goal: Write Daily this December

Action Plan:

  1. Publish 2 posts daily
  2. Posting will be done at the end of the day
  3. Fist post will be like a day journal describing how the day went
  4. Second post will be about the next day
  5. Include in the posts actions done or failed to do
  6. Include in the posts how these action or inaction will affect the big picture
  7. Publish another post per week talking about the achievements and realization for the week
  8. Start Date: Dec. 13, 2016
  9. End Date: January 31, 2016

As you may have noticed start and end date goes beyond December and goes in to the end of January. This is intentional since I am forming a habit about writing and as I have experienced in the past, it takes at least a month to stick in to a new habit. With this I’ll be posting my first end of day post later so watch out for it.


I’ve completely forgotten about this side of the internet. I’ve come to realize that I have neglected some of then commitments that I’ve posted here. This is the usual pattern I have in the past regarding my goals:

  1. Gets excited about something
  2. Set Goals
  3. Strive to achieve goals
  4. Stumbles into some challenges
  5. Procrastinate
  6. Procrastinate
  7. Procrastinate
  8. Procrastinate
  9. Forget about it

I think you can see what’s the pattern there. Procrastination is the greatest hurdle stops me from achieving my goals. But that’s not really true. Procrastination is a symptom and not the root cause of my problem. What really stops me from achieving anything is not written above. To be honest, it is fear that is stopping me from making the hard choices that I need to take that could bring me closer to my goals.

The operative word there is could.

While I’m the type of guy who doesn’t gamble, I’m gambling on not finding out what could have happen have I only worked harder to achieve my goal. But you see that is also a problem. Thinking too much about what could have been puts too much emphasis on the goal itself and not on the process of working hard in achieving the goal.

I think too much but doesn’t work as much.

Over analyzing anything won’t bring me closer to any of my goals. Wishful thinking won’t get me anywhere.

In theory, I know all of this. In reality, I’m not making much to make this happen.

The plan for December is to make things happen.

This is something I can do because December is a special month for me. It’s my birth month and it’s the end of the year which signals the coming of a new one. I always believe that December is a gateway going away from the old and moving forward into something new.

To do this I need a solid strategy on how to move forward from this persistent old me to a much better me as I move forward towards the New Year.

I decided to list few goals that I will achieve this year. This time the focus will not be on the goals itself but on the process of achieving those goals. Let me site an example to have a better understanding about this strategy:

Goal: Achieve 100% coaching compliance(work related)

To achieve this here is my action plan:

  1. Audit 3 team members daily
  2. Each team member will get 3 audits daily
  3. Coaching will follow after each 3 audits
  4. Track audit and coaching numbers for each team member
  5. Start date: December 16,2016
  6. End date: January 1, 2017
  7. Send to self, End Of Day accomplishment report
  8. Send to self, End of week report before rest day
  9. Summary: 9 audits per day targeted at 3 team members each day daily

As you can see, the details is not much on the goals itself but more on the action plan. Once the goal is written down all effort will be focused on creating an achievable action plan. The strategy focuses more on doing the items listed in the action plan in hopes that as the effect of adhering to  the plan the set goals will be met.

As a disclaimer, in following this strategy, I not think about achieving the goals set but rather think on sticking to the action plan.

There you have it. Looks like I have some goals to list, plans to make and a lot of working to do. I have high hopes I can have good results for this experiment I’m doing this December making me more excited for the New Year.

See my next post for my writing plan for December.


30 Days hence

It has been 30 days since I’ve posted this self challenge. It has been a great challenge and I’ve learned quite about a few things about myself.

First. I am good at challenging myself. I’ve done a couple of these in the past and was overall successful. This is no exemption.

Second, is related to why I said I’m successful overall. I had some cheat days. More on this below.

Third. Temptation is a daily struggle. The struggle is real. Every minute or rather every second in your day you find a “reason” to steer away from your goal.

Fourth. Doing challenges like these you need to commit through and through. This applies to all your goals in life.

Fifth. No one else is responsible for anything in my life. The good, the bad and anything in between is all on me.

The Challenge

First on the challenge is writing daily. I believe I did well in that challenge. Tracking back on the posts I’ve made over the month, I’d say I did pretty well. I did skip some and forgot to write on certain occasions and posted without writing anything in the other but I am still considering this a success. Looking back the posts I’ve made speaks of how I feel about writing. It scares me. I want to be good at it and I don’t want to fail resulting to procrastination. This is what happened with all my blogs in the past which died right after a couple of posts. The challenge provided me an excuse to keep on writing. I know that my posts are not that well written but its okay. Doing this challenge made me realize that I don’t have to be good to get started on something, instead I have to start on something to be good. Am I a good writer now? Far from it but I can proudly and honestly say that I am better that I was when I started the challenge. Its a start.

Next on the challenge is the daily exercise. I’m already doing good exercise by biking daily to and from work. However there is no other exercise other than that. That is why doing the exercise challenge is a bit of a struggle but I did it. There are off days where I don’t really want to get up and do the push up, crunches and squats. I did it anyway. I cheated twice. No excuse for that. Just like the writing challenge doing the challenge gave me an excuse to do something that I’ve been meaning to do in a long time. And I loved it. Pushing myself to move my body and go beyond what I can  previously do is just pure fun. Sure my body is sore after a few exercise but I love the feeling of being strong and healthy. Sure I can do better but it is a start. I will try to find other ways to exercise, get strong, stay healthy and most of all have fun in the process. Biking will still be on the top list. I have plans on going out of town using my bike, some 100 kilometers back and forth will be a good starting point.

Lastly is Facebook access. This I’ve done quite good. I’ve opened my Facebook only twice within the month. Once to upload pictures during my sons birthday and second to check my girfriend’s order online. In each instances I took at most 15 minutes browsing on the latest post on my wall. Temptation is real, sorry. However it really feels good to be away from that world. I mean social media and Facebook has been really good in making us connect to people. It is a good thing using Facebook for what it is created for, meaning  establishing or reestablishing social connection. But it is entirely not healthy relying on it for mindless entertainment, constant stream of noise and negativity as well as a means of unproductively killing time. I will still be using Facebook and this time I will be making use of its total potential. One important thing I’ve learned from this challenge is that I can live a normal, productive life even without social media. I had started life without it and I can certainly continue on living without it.

Additional Challenge

A day after I committed to do the 30 Days challenge, a muslim friend of mine asked me to join the Ramadan . That means no meal, food or water, after sunrise and before sunset. Knowing how important Ramadan is to our muslim brothers and sisters I had my apprehension but I agreed nonetheless. It was really hard all throughout and I had several moments when I just want to quit. I continued and felt good being able to control my urges. Being aware of the feeling of hunger or thirst and not be overcome by it felt really good. I ate early in the morning, before the sunrise and have my next meal right after sunset. I was doing good on it and never missed a day until my son’s birthday. I had in mind that I will stop right then and there and continue with my normal routine. However I choose to continue with the challenge for a couple of days but was not able to complete it anymore. I still consider it as a success because I have learned more about myself in the process. All through our day there will be temptation that will call on us. Sometimes we might not notice it and we just go with the flow of our emotion our urges and get carried away. That is something we need to take in mind. I’ve learned that being  mindful of my actions and my habits I can choose to act on things and decide if its worth doing or not. That means in everything in my life from writing, exercise, proper use of social media or even being mindful of your habits I have the ultimate control.


All in all this 30 Days has been a success. I has been the most productive month that I ever had and I am happy with the results. I will continue to work on being better at myself and I hope you too will do the same.



The Things I don’t know

We had a class activity yesterday regarding different personality types and I turned out to be having an Expressive type. I would agree that on most cases I am an Expressive type. There are certain traits that I have that belongs to the Analytical type. I think a lot, don’t want to look dumb and most of all I don’t like not knowing.

I don’t venture into a field or a role if I don’t know what I’m getting into. It seems like my confidence is greatly influenced by my knowledge. If I don’t know much about the topic I will be silent and won’t offer any opinions. If I don’t know much about a role I wouldn’t volunteer to get the role.

I would spend a huge amount of time in preparation and data gathering. Even with that if I don’t feel that I know enough I would still feel not confident. I’m the type that thinks knowledge and experience on a topic or a role is required before I can become ready for that role.

It was all good and most would point out that being a subject matter expert is a requirement to be able to perform well on the job related to the subject. It was in fact the main idea behind meritocracy.  Getting a role or a job should be based on proven track record and merits rather than on closeness, popularity or any other criteria not related to merits. I am a true believer in meritocracy.

I know many of you also believes the same way. There is however one thing I realized now that I am training for a new role in the company. Not everyone has the merits to show for their talents and abilities. Everyone has to start somewhere and most of the time people has to start from zero.

What I’m trying to say here is that for us to do new things we don’t need to be experts on it. We are not expected to be because we are not. We are doing something new and perhaps doing that for the first time. We are to fail on so many things before we can learn and grow to become experienced and if needed to be experts.

If you are interested in doing something new in life may it be related to work, art, travel, love or just about anything in life just go for it. There are hesitation or sometimes even fear in doing something new. Like me fearing that I will fail on something that I have yet to learn. Stay on it. It only means that you’ve found something to work on. If it makes you feel uneasy because it’s outside of your comfort zone that’s the more reason to go for it. Only when we step out of our comfort zone that we expand our domains. Conquering new territory is what we should be doing with our mind. Learning new things. Getting that promotion. Traveling to that place we always wanted to go. Asking that co worker out to dinner. Saving that much money. The world is infinite.

It’s time for us to go beyond what we know. It’s high time for us to stop testing the waters and just dive in and be ready to be wet. We may fail we may succeed.

Who knows?

It doesn’t matter.

That’s the beauty of it. As scary as it sounds not knowing it is also the reason why we should. Only by doing that we will discover and learn.

Like how I always treat new food. You will not know if it tastes good unless you put it in your mouth. If it does tastes good you will have that knowledge. If it turns out to be bad that is a knowledge to be had.

So go ahead. I’m telling this to you and to myself. Go ahead. Go into the unknown and make it known. That is your responsibility to yourself and to those you value.